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Whether you are in the mood to listen to a Divine Liturgy, have a desire to learn Hymns, be edified by a spiritual word through a Sermon, or just want to have meditation and contemplation through Praises or Spiritual Songs. Anaphora Radio lets you choose and customize what you want.

Lift up your hearts through Anaphora Radio and immerse yourself in the Coptic Orthodox listening experience.

Anaphora can be accessed using the official iPhone/iPad app, or via the website.

The Well is St. Timothy and St. Athansius Church’s (Arlington, VA), second Sunday Service.  It’s a place to come for a splash of weekly inspiration and it is the best service to attend if it’s your first time visiting an Orthodox church. Each week at The Well, we dive deep into relevant, thought-provoking topics that challenge us to grow in our faith, and help us work through our doubts.

Freedom in Christianity


This blog is meant to be an exploration of the faith, as seen through the love of God, which comes only by freedom.
I pray that my thoughts are in conformance with the mind of the fathers, but I have no intention here of repackaging all their quotes to any readers. I’m easily contacted, so reach out if you wish!
Christianity is a religion of liberation, not bonds.
Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom… (2 Cor 3:17).
"I believe God created each of us uniquely because He had a specific idea/plan/dream of how He wants our lives to look.  The purpose of this blog is to help you see where God wants you to be… how He wants you to live… what your life should look like and could look like if you allowed God to lead it for you. My aim is to help you see that God is:
1. REAL – He wants to be an active part of your life, not just someone we visit on Sundays.
2. RELEVANT – He wants to make something spectacular and magnificent out of your life, something even greater than you can imagine or comprehend
3. REWARDING – He wants you to smile and enjoy the process every day, knowing that you are in good hands and that He always has your best interests at heart."
-Fr. Anthony Messeh
Bringing the Word of God from a timeless faith into your hearts and minds anytime, anywhere.
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